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Hope everyone had a great summer and a huge welcome to the first years who have just joined us! As ever we have a packed semester with so many opportunities that we cannot wait to share with you all 🙂

Now to address the elephant in the room: will there be in-person theatre this year?! 

As a committee we are SO pleased to announce that with the current (lack of) restrictions we are planning to go full steam ahead with fully in-person seasons and shows this year, this means creating our full Autumn Fringe season this semester with audiences in attendance! 

We are all so excited to bring back theatre in all its glory and cannot wait to work with all you talented people!!!

For returning members (especially third years!) our plans for this year will look very much like our 2019-2020 schedule, with a few extra bits added on in there such as Monobox 2.0, our Creative Collective year-round project and relaunching the Honey Pot Fund. 

Our Autumn Fringe (a season filled with fab shows created by and staged by you guys during the first semester) is the first UMDS event you can get involved with. Applications for the Autumn Fringe (both the Creative Pool and the show proposals) open Wednesday 22nd September at 5pm! Keep an eye on our social media for more updates on this 🙂

However before all this madness resumes we have big plans for Freshers week.

The Freshers Fair is back this year and we will have a stall (R12 – an outside stall) there all day on Thursday 23rd September, so come over and chat to our lovely committee about our big plan for this year! 

If you love a boogie, why not come down to our freshers social on Friday 1st October?! We are also screening some previous UMDS work on Wednesday 6th October in the MHC (time & location TBA), so if you’re wondering what we have done in the past, come along – we would LOVE to see you all there! Keep an eye on our social media to get all the updates for these events ❤

Speaking of social media; follow us on Facebook (University of Manchester Drama Society), Instagram and Twitter (@uomdramasoc) to keep up with the latest opportunities and events. Also, be sure to join the new UMDS News Facebook Group to hear about opportunities beyond the society in the realm of theatre and acting.

I hope you’re excited as we are for this year.

See you soon,

Eleanor Hicks

Secretary of UMDS

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