Committee 2020/21

Our mission statement as a society and committee for 2020/21 is to focus on continuing to diversify the society, both in terms of the voices we represent and the range of opportunities we offer. Alongside this we aim to provide a space which is accessible, collaborative and encourages experimentation.

The situation with the Coronavirus Pandemic obviously must influence the way we operate however we are keen to continue to provide an exciting array of opportunities that work with the current and evolving situation rather than seeing it as a hindrance. Whilst this is an uncertain time, we are taking this as an exciting opportunity to shake up, and in some cases improve aspects of our society. Such as improving the way we communicate with members, shifting what we do and beginning to evolve this space into one that is more diverse and inclusive.

For more on this and our semester 1 plans take a look at our ‘How to get involved’ page.


This year we have decided to blend the roles of President and Vice President. As Co-Presidents we oversee the running of the society, curate seasons and events as well as liaising with various venues, people and organisations. We are focused on shaping a society that provides exciting opportunities for members and pushes boundaries whilst navigating how we operate in these unusual times.

Emails: or

Natalie Hillman

Being part of drama society has been a brilliant part of my university experience so far allowing me to meet wonderful creatives, grow in confidence in making work and enjoy some fab theatre with lovely friends! This next year presents many new challenges but I’m a firm believer that these challenges can create an exciting space for creativity as well as new opportunities to grow as a society so I can’t wait to face them alongside this amazing team.

Sophia Rosen-Fouladi

Drama society has played a massive role in my uni experience so I’m really excited to be a part of this year’s committee. I’ve met the most amazing people and been inspired by the talent of so many of our members while being part of cast and creative teams across my first and second year. I can’t wait to continue facilitating everyone’s incredible work as well as pushing the societies diversity and representation even further.


Sofia Armella

As secretary, I am primarily involved in the society’s communications and administration. This involves organising ticketing for shows, membership purchases and member newsletters to name a few.

I am a third year Drama student and have been involved in the society for the duration of my degree. Chilean-born, yogi-wannabe and a Pisces sun and moon, I hope that I offer a friendly and approachable face and a valuable voice in the society. 

If you have any questions about the society, feel free to email me at to find out more.

Accessibility Rep

Cecilia Alfonso Eaton

My job is to make sure the drama society is as inclusive as possible and to ensure good wellbeing amongst the committee and members! I’m really excited to get as many people as possible involved in the drama society and explore more ways that we can bring under represented voices to the forefront!



Hannah McEwen

Here comes the money! 
I am the Lord Alan Sugar of the society with the financial powers a student could only dream of having. I help creative teams with their budgets and decide how we should be spending our money (drama ball, drama ball, drama ball!!!) …amongst other things.
I am a third year Drama student who lives and breathes Drama Society and is terrified of a graduate world without it. You will find me frantically emailing, binge watching Come Dine With Me or drinking wine that costs less than a fiver at socials- you know, budgeting and that. If you want to hit me up for a chat, cry or complain, don’t hesitate to email me at!

Social Sec

Nell Bevan

I’m a second-year student studying Biology who loves Glee, Mexican food and being tall… oh! This year, due to a certain global pandemic, whilst my role will still involve planning socials/events (and an ICONIC ball), there will also be a focus on making sure everyone feels safe whilst still having an amazing time! I am also responsible for fundraising outside of the productions and drawing in new members from drama and beyond. Even though there are a few restrictions, I think this year is going to be fabulous! To quote Finn Hudson: “the show must go all over the place’, or something.”


Programming Officer

Ted Walliker

“I am your programming officer for this year which basically means I read all the applications and all the scripts submitted for each season! I also help curate what each season will look like in terms of which shows are put on. A Fun fact about me is that I have once walked along the Seine whilst laughing in the rain. Live, laugh, love. #blessed #UMDSGang4Life“


Publicity Officer

Pj Cunningham

As Publicity Officer I’m in charge of the society’s social media so each week I create graphics and post relevant content about upcoming shows, socials and any news our society members need to know!

I’m looking forward to the year ahead for the society and to get the chance to think outside the box in response to these “unprecedented times”. A little fun fact about me is that I’m incredibly clumsy and when I was 12 I managed to trip and then proceed to roll down
about 50 steps of the Great Wall Of China, so technically speaking I fell down the Great Wall!
If you ever need me I’ll probably either be in the MHC or at Haus, Fallowfield !!!


Venue Sec

Eleanor Potter

 I’m a 3rd year Drama student and have loved being part of the society since first year. I’m really passionate about showcasing LGBTQ+ voices within theatre and I’m also a big fan of disco music, so you’ll often find me at Funkademia on a Saturday night in Manchester 😉

Being Venue Rep mainly involves liaising with the venues around Manchester that we’ll be using for our shows. As well as this, I’ll be around for tech rehearsals to make sure everything is running smoothly! (Whether you need a cup of coffee, someone to help set up/strike set, or just someone to hug- I will be there for you!!


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