Committee 2021/22

Our mission statement as a society and committee for 2021/22 is to focus on continuing to diversify the society, both in terms of the voices we represent and the range of opportunities we offer. Alongside this we aim to provide a space which is accessible, collaborative and encourages experimentation.


This year we have decided to blend the roles of President and Vice President. As Co-Presidents we oversee the running of the society, curate seasons and events as well as liaising with various venues, people and organisations. We are focused on shaping a society that provides exciting opportunities for all our members and is a society that is accessible and inclusive to all students. We hope that UMDS will be a space where artists are able to be as innovative as they’d like whilst also being a space where artists can just enjoy being creative, be able to express themselves freely and create art for the love of art!

Emails: or

Ted Walliker (he/him)

Hi! I’m Ted, one of your two co-presidents for the year. I study BA Drama and Film. I’m really looking forward to everything we have planned for these next 10 months. PJ and I are so excited to get started working with you all, especially with the return of in-person theatre (hopefully)! I’ve been very fortunate over these past two years to have been involved in so much of the UMDS work that’s been produced and last year I worked as the Programming Officer for the Drama Committee which I thoroughly enjoyed. One of my favourite memories from the Drama Society was working on Gorgon Westley’s Railway Circus as a Producer/Designer/Composer – it was such a wonderful cast and creative team to be a part of and certainly an experience I will never forget. I can’t wait to see what people bring to the upcoming seasons this year 🙂

PJ Cunningham (she/her)

Hello hello! I’m PJ, I’m a BA Drama and Film student and one of your Co-Presidents for this year! The Drama Society has been a huge part of my university experience and I couldn’t be prouder to run the society with Ted this academic year. UMDS can truly be a beautiful, inspiring and brave space for people that love drama and the arts. This society has allowed me to grow on both a personal level and as a creative. I’ve been able to make incredible friends through the society, been inspired by so many talented UMDS members over the past two years and I’ve been able to have a variety of creative ventures that I will never forget. I hope the society will be able to provide you with a plethora of creative opportunities, connections and memories. I’m honestly so excited to be able to work with and get to know you all. Here’s to the year ahead!


Eleanor Hicks (she/her)

Hello!! I’m Eleanor, a third year BA Drama and English Literature student and the drama society’s secretary for this year 😊 

Although the majority of my role involves me, a computer, and lots of emails, communication between you guys and the committee is a huge part of my role. I will be working closely with creative teams to produce our fabulous shows, whilst also sharing our exciting new projects with you all in our newsletter!

I’m so excited to get started this year and to see all your amazing talent but before we get started a little fun fact about me is that even though I love decorating my uni room with plants I haven’t quite mastered the art of keeping them alive yet 😦 So if anyone has any tips or tricks, they would be SO welcomed! And as I will now be glued to my computer for the rest of the year please do get in touch if you need anything, I’m always around for a chat (or a boogie!)


Accessibility Rep

Cecilia Alfonso Eaton (she/her)

Hello hola hi! I am a third year BA Drama and English Literature student.

My role is everything inclusion, diversity and accessibility! So ensuring the drama society is a welcoming space for any and every student where they can feel they have a voice and a space to be creative and represented! I am looking forward to trying to get as many people involved as possible and to see in person UMDS shows!

A little fun fact about me is that I love crocheting but I just can’t seem to make a hat 😦 If anyone has any tips to help a poor gal out on her hat making let me know! But yeah if you have any problems/queries on accessibility and inclusion feel free to email me! i’m always available for a chat and a hug (and a boogie at funkademia)!



Nell Bevan (she/her)

Oh Hello!! I’m Nell, your new treasurer! I’m a third year BSc Biology with Science and Society (a bit of a mouthful I know) student. I’m the money man this year, so any questions, comments or concerns you have about budgets etc come to me! 

Having seen what Drama Soc can do both with and without a global pandemic, I’m really excited to (hopefully) get back to some good ol’ fashioned live theatre… and to see how we can incorporate some of the ~funky~ fun things we did last year too! I also cannot wait to attend some banging socials and just… be surrounded by the lovely UMDS lot again! Oh! I also can’t wait to hold total financial control and become a raging tyrant. Just kidding (Kind of!)!

A fun fact(s) about me is that I’m very tall and own a pair of crocs… oh yeah and I once mistook Nicole Kidman for my own mother (I’m not her kid, man…. Sorry). :))


Social Sec

Rosa Gatley (she/they)

Hello! My name is Rosa, I am a second year Drama and English Lit student and this year I am your social sec! 

I am responsible for (clue’s in the name) all things social this year — welcome events, boogie nights and of course, the hotly anticipated return of the drama ball. I’ll also be doing my best to attract dramatists from far and wide so the society can grow! I’m massively excited to take on this role, even though I’m flying a bit blind having never experienced an in person drama social before. I’ll be living up freshers’ week just as much as the rest of you, I promise. 

A fun fact about me is that I technically have three earlobes. Go figure!

If ever you need anything (whether this is clarification on the third earlobe or just a society-based question) I can be reached at:

Programming Officer

Martha Jamieson (she/her)

Hello! I am a second year BA Drama and English Literature Student! 

My role as Programming Officer entails me reading all the wonderful scripts and applications submitted in consideration of what will be performed and created through UMDS. I also curate the content of forthcoming seasonal programmes. I am so looking forward to this role and I’m so excited to see everyone’s faces in person!

A fun fact about me is that I do yoga every day so find me trying to be zen somewhere in Fallow! (Probably in Haus fangirling over the two Dachshunds).

Feel free to email me with any questions about the society/student life at:

Publicity Officer

Alice Holder (she/her)

Hello! My name is Alice, I’m a third year Drama and English Lit student and this year I am your publicity officer! I’ll be the girl replying to all your DMs on Insta & keeping you updated on everything social. I’m also really excited to publicise all your shows and plays and get as many people watching your stuff as poss! 

As to a fun fact about myself, I speak fluent Spanish! Sidenote: there’s a really nice Spanish café in West Didsbury so, if you want to brush up on your language skills, that’s the place to check out haha (and their smoothies are fab).  

Honestly this year I’m just excited to make up for lost time, in the sense of socials, being with fellow creative people and watching (and making) *lots* of theatre! We’ve got some super exciting things planned so keep following all our accounts to stay in the loop.

If you have any other questions in the meantime, just email me at

Venue Sec

Anthony Swift (he/him)

Hey everyone, I’m Anthony the new venue secretary. I’m a third-year electrical and electronic engineering student and have a passion for theatre, tech and most importantly socials.

I’m aiming to use my new role to work with other societies and form stronger relations with other performance societies. 

One fun fact about me is that once while on holiday I bumped into Mark Wahlberg in a gym. 


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