Below you will find rehearsal photos, tech photos, trailers, synopsis’ and information about all the shows we put on in our Autumn Fringe 2019 and MIFTA Season 2020 !

If there is a * next to a show this means that an UMDS member wrote this play or this show was a devised piece!


An Intervention


Director: Sean McGettigan

AD: Eleanor Hicks

Prod: Heather Harrison


A - Ruby Hines

B - Mariella Dyckhoff

Venue: John Thaw Studio Theatre, Martin Harris Centre

Synopsis: A and B spend most of their time arguing, “challenging” each other. But when their attention turns to the British military intervention in Iraq, nerves are touched and a series of events are set in motion. Their friendship begins to fall apart at a time when they need each other the most. This is a touching, funny play about what happens when you hate your best friend.

This is an amateur production by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

An Area of Outstanding Beauty 


Director: Jacob McGoldrick

AD: Elliot Scott

Prod: Hannah McEwen

Designer: Ellie Johnston


Joe - Adam Tutt

James - Joe Llewelyn

Josh - Henry Bolden

Pete - Oli King

Venue: The Kings Arms, Salford

Synopsis: An Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty follows the journey of four teenage boys in rural Somerset and explores the impact the greenbelt property development has on their lives. This new writing tackles the erosion of the British countryside and asks what is left for its inhabitants when all that remains of the world they grow up in is a row of semi-detached houses.



Director: Patience Kanjira

AD: Sophia Hadji-Michael

Producer/Designer: Millie Loveday Inglis


Elayne - Ebun Osobu 

Aimee - Millie Jacobs

Trey - Nyah Nish

Devon - Tomas Bakker

Ex Husband - Kwame Owusu

Ex Wife - Patience Kanj

Venue: SU Theatre, UOM Students Union

Synopsis: This touching, emotional and witty play explores grief, jealousy and isolation through the life and mind of it’s protagonist, Elayne.

Three Sisters


Director: Lauren Ellis-Stretch

AD: Gabby Colvin

Producer: Katie Rooney


Sophie Murray

Kate Gabriel

Grainne Flynn

Gary Gannon

Eliza Downes

Kate Ireland

Ella Bond

Billie Harvey-Munro

Nina Jakulin Vavpotic

JoJo Rogers

Isabel Lawther

Emma Hill

Hattie Birchinall

Venue: SU Theatre, UOM Students Union

Synopsis: Chekov’s Three Sisters is one of the most loved, and pondered classic plays of the twentieth century. Lauren reimagined the show setting it in South Pembroke, West Wales.

Gorgon Westley’s Railway Circus


Director: Tom Thacker

AD: Raphael Bez-Cryer

Producer: Ted Walliker


Euean - Willow Major

Gorgon Westley - Laurie Bayley-Higgins

Cardinal - Hugo Lewkowcz

Howitz - Sofia Armella

Reap Galo - Eloise Russell

Pottermere - Lily Gray

Garrotte - Jack Mitchell

Removal Person/Pianist - Gabriel Lumsden

Herpe - Lenny O’Sullivan

Cyst - Cali Nice

Eins - Giulia Grillo

Venue: The Peer Hat, Northern Quarter

Synopsis: Come! A new world of the decrepit, a home to the unseen damned, beckons for your eye. The Gorgon Westley has much to unveil! Let us hear you scream! Let us hear you howl! Let us hear you cry out! What will you discover when you clamber aboard?

When Euean finds themselves aboard The Gorgon Westley’s travelling circus train, he is pushed to embark onwards: searching for an escape in the annals of darkness, facing against the toxic troupe of performers and attending to his own scarred self that lies underneath...

The Shadows


Director: Sophia Rosen-Fouladi

AD: Dolly Busby

Producer: Shirley Yang


Rupert - Harry Robson

India - Nell Bevan

Esther - Lara Paul

Sam - Cecilia Alfonso-Eaton

Jonny - Frank Wilson-Caines

The Director - Sam Easton

Venue: The Kings Arms, Salford

Synopsis: We all pretend we like standing up and having a voice, if that’s true why do we spend so little of our time doing it? If that’s true, why is it so enticing to sit in the dark, silent and watching…

The Shadows is a play set off stage telling the story of the people in “the shadows,” a name given to a backstage crew as they look after props and try to hold together a Drama Society’s new show. However, as tensions rise between the stage hands and the actors it becomes increasingly clear that not all of the shadows are entirely content with their role behind the curtains. The power dynamics shift and the politics of a nightmare Drama Society invites us to reflect on the opportunities that are available to people from different backgrounds, revealing the corruption that exists in everyday life.

How To Keep Up With The Kardashians


Co-Directors: Lucy Laverty and Scarlett Spicer

Producer: PJ Cunningham


Rosa Hallam Fryer 

Lae Carbon-Wilson

Montana Rosa Aguelo De Guero Barrera

Imogen Chillington

Eliza Lewis

Eleanor Haigh

Millie Loveday Inglis

Venue: Tribeca Bar, Gay Village

Synopsis: How To Keep Up With The Kardashians is a collectively devised production with the overall aim of unpicking the question of ‘Can you keep up with a Kardashian?’

The production examines body-image, mental health, the harmful effects of advertisements for the ‘perfect body’ and issues of body and race representation in mass media or rather, lack thereof. ‘How To Keep Up With The Kardashians’ is a celebratory rebellion against the templates that women are suffocated with and celebrates that each individual woman has something that no one can keep up with. The play centralises around the female experience of women in the UK; amongst our company we collected around 30 interviews asking a variety of women about their relationship with their bodies, what they think about ‘keeping up’ and how this affects their day to day life. The production takes inspiration from these interviews alongside the personal experiences of those in the company – combatting the unattainable, unrealistic standards western beauty with different people’s truths.



Co-Directors: Thomas Valerio and Natalie Hillman

Producer: Mae Lankshear

Designer: Amy Townsend


Peter Silver

Cathy Wippell

Millie Hope

Adelaide Marshall

Patryce Richter

Angelica Fitz-Maurice

Rory Greig

Venue: Niamos Radical Arts & Centre, Hulme

Synopsis: monster/monstrum is a live art performance about humanity and ferality, beauty and destruction. The performance explores the relationship between humans and beast, creating a space populated by creatures (monstra) that are neither animal nor people, but something both in between and at the same time different. Creatures and audience move freely in the space, different interactions happen in different areas at the same time, one is welcome to explore as much and as little as one wants. No two experiences will be the same. 

Watch some clips of Monster/Monstrum here

Due to Covid restrictions Monstrum was performed for one night only to a select group incuding the MIFTA judges. In place of live performance it was streamed on the Drama Society facebook page which you can view here

Autumn Fringe 2019

The Wolf from the Door

The Wolf from the Door by Rory Mullarkey

Director: Kwame Owusu

Ass Dir: Tristan Simpson

Prod: Gabby Colvin

Designer: Maddie Lancaster-Graham


Billie Harvey-Munroe

Tom Thacker

Eloise Russell

Phoebe Lerner

Amy Walliker

Alex Macfarlane

Venue: John Thaw Studio Theatre, Martin Harris Centre

Synopsis: The Wolf From the Door is a wild, imaginative, and surreal, nation-wide road trip across Middle England. Together, Lady Catherine and her young protégé Leo enlist every tearoom, hot yoga class and Women's Institute group on a mission to change the country forever and start a revolution. The play follows them as they meet, and travel between coffee mornings, supermarkets, banks, churches and Parliament - tearing down authority as they go, and stirring up violent resistance.

Teabags in the Sink

Teabags in the Sink by Imogen Chillington *

Director: Alice Eaves

Ass Dir: Martha Bennett

Producer: Alkawthar Darwish

Designer: Lerato Mokate


Billie - Maddie Webster-Harris

Mum - Olivia Downing

Dad - Monty Ashley

Emily - Josephine Rodgers

Venue: SU Theatre, UOM Students Union

Synopsis: Teabags in the Sink looks at life through the eyes of Billie, a teenager who is feeling the effects of family life and what it means to grapple with the inevitable - adulthood. Parents are a problem; her sister is the only person she can relate to and life is just generally one big ball ache. Hormones are rife and at the end of the day all Billie wants to do is switch off and let the music do the thinking

A Room in Upper Slaughter

A Room in Upper Slaughter by Lara Biller *

Co-Directors: Sofia Armella and Mariella Dyckhoff

Prod: Heather Harrison


Greta - May Brittenden

Florence - Daisy Shuttleworth

Mr Ike - Peter Shafran

Ash - Lauren Owen

Venue: SU Theatre, Students Union

Synopsis: A Room In Upper Slaughter takes us to a stale Cotswolds hotel bedroom where two trained assassins wait anxiously for their next target. As the storm grows outside fractions form between the two associates, mainly caused by the insisting calls of an ex-girlfriend. Anxious, unstable and philosophical, Ash and Florence have their seemingly simple mission confronted by personal relationships and unknown truths.

Education, Education, Education

Freshers’ Play - Education, Education, Education by The Wardrobe Ensemble

Director: Eleanor Hicks

AD: Aaron Cliff

Producer: Erin Mitchell

Designer: Amy Townsend


Helen - Laura-May Brunk

Tobias - Lenny O’Sullivan

Louise - Joey Ross-Macdonald

Emily - Amber Sparshott

Sue - Maisie Bagley

Paul - Ted Walliker

Tim - Will Berrecloth

Donna - Izzy Read

Ensemble - Rosa Hallam Fryer

Ensemble - Oli King

Ensemble - Oscar Wilson

Venue: SU Theatre, UOM Students Union

Synopsis: Education, Education, Education is set in Wordsworth Comprehensive; a rundown British secondary school in 1997 the day after Tony Blair was elected Prime Minister. Tobias, the new German placement assistant, narrates his first day at the school, commenting on the chaotic nature of a school riding the hopeful New Labour wave. The audience follows him through the school day as it becomes increasingly hectic and unpredictable as teachers struggle to control the GCSE pupils on their last day before study leave.

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue by Hope Leslie * 

Director: Kate Ireland

AD: Hope Leslie

Producer: Shirley Yang


Lola - Savannah Acquah Storey

Theresa - Eliza Downes

Venue: Tribeca Bar, Gay Village


“Black feminism is not white feminism in blackface.”- Audre Lorde

A young Lola is anxious to have her Mother over for dinner as she has some important news to tell her. Theresa, Lola’s Mother, is excited to have dinner at her daughter’s
new apartment but is not ready to face the friction that will inevitably come from discovering that Lola’s life path will stray dramatically from her own. This play explores the testing and tender relationship between a mother and daughter and invites the question, “how does a white woman help her child navigate the world as a black woman?”


Riot Act by Alexis Gregory

Co-Dir: Lily Gray and Eleanor Potter

Dramaturg: Raphael Bez-Cryer

Producer: Leo Henry


Lavinia - Peter Silver

Michael - George Clark

Paul - Adam Tutt

Venue: Tribeca Bar, Gay Village

Synopsis: Riot Act is a powerful and affirming LGBTQ+ verbatim theatre piece. Created from the transcripts of three interviews, it spans almost sixty years of LGBTQ+ history: from a first hand account of the Stonewall riots, to radical drag theatre of the '70s, and the fierce AIDS activism of the '90s — it relays the strength and resilience woven into the fabric of the LGBTQ+ community's history — and the power in knowing it.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button * 

Co-Directors: Imogen Hayes and Joseph Conway

Producer: Imogen Chillington


Benjamin Button - Laurie Bayley-Higgins

Hildegarde Moncrief, Ensemble - Grace Johnstone

Mr Button - Thomas Valerio

Mrs Button - Mae Lankshear

Roscoe Button, General Moncrief, Ensemble - Neil John

Sylvia, Ensemble - Beatrice Nettuno

Ensemble - Nina Vavpotic

Ensemble - Hannah Blau

Ensemble - Giulia Grillo

Venue: The Kings Arms, Salford

Synopsis: What is it to live backwards?

Imogen Hayes and Joseph Conway's devised piece explores the life, trials and travails of a man who finds himself ungrowing through life.

How do you raise an old man? How do you love someone aging against you? How do you look at your father as he falls into youth? Following the whirlwind of his life through love, lust, war, scandal and torment, we look at the stark realities of this modern myth. How do you solve The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

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