Autumn Fringe Applications Are Now Open! 2021


First of all I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone (first, second and third years) for seeing us at the society fair on Thursday!! It was so lovely to be able to chat to so many of you. As a committee we are unbelievably excited for the many opportunities to come this year 🙂

Speaking of opportunities, our Autumn Fringe Applications are now open!! This year we are planning on bringing 9 different shows exploring a variety of theatre from published plays to devised work. All the shows are created, directed, produced and performed by you guys.

We would love for as many of you to get involved as possible ❤

Here are a few links to get involved with the Autumn Fringe:

  • Autumn Fringe proposal form: 

use this link if you have any ideas of devised work/published plays to pitch for the season!

  • Creative Pool application form: 

This form is for any and all creatives from directors and producers to designers who don’t have a show to pitch but would still like to be involved with the creative teams. Once applications are closed, the committee will create creative teams for shows with the help of the pool – so you could be chosen to produce a show just by applying here!

  • Another really exciting element of the Autumn Fringe is the Freshers Play and this year we have decided to put on two freshers plays!! Anyone in first year can apply for the freshers play and pitch an idea/a show to be performed. Use this link to find out more and apply:

My advice is if you have always wanted to try something new (be that producing or directing or anything) just go for it! With over a year of no in-person theatre there is literally nothing to lose.

However, make sure you apply quick because applications CLOSE FRIDAY 1ST OCTOBER AT 5PM. (That’s next Friday and also the date for our Freshers Social!)

Now I know this newsletter is getting quite long now but there’s just SO much to tell you all – I promise I’ll be quick with the last few bits:

The Creative Collective

Hopefully by now you have seen that this year the drama society is adding something completely new to their calenders in the form of weekly workshops! Run by the Creative Collective Creative Team, the workshops aim to provide an experimental space where drama students (and all uom students!) can escape the pressures of the uni workload for an hour. Each week there will be a different workshop ranging from, drama games, poetry to arts and crafts! 

When? Every Wednesday from October 6th

Where? F20 (First Floor in the Martin Harris Centre)

Who? Anyone!!

Keep an eye out on our instagram page @umdscreativecollective to find out more about our first workshop!! Can’t wait to see you all there ❤


A quick reminder about membership! It is £10 for the year, but this includes all socials, reduced ticket prices, workshops and involvement and funding for our shows. If you are involved with the Autumn Fringe, Honeypot or Monobox, you must have a membership at least a week before your performance/creative deadlines. This is so that we can continue to fund our projects equally and ensure that we produce quality work 🙂 

You can purchase a membership through this link: 

HOWEVER if you would like to be involved with The Creative Collective you do NOT need a drama soc membership to attend the workshops – we would like anyone and everyone to feel welcome to join us! 


If you are a first year still with questions about the society, or just want to meet some fellow creatives, come join us for a boogie for our first in-person social in over a year (woooo!!). Keep an eye on our socials @uomdramasoc for more updates 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, if you have any questions do not hesitate to email me on:

Can’t wait to see you all soon,

Eleanor Hicks 

Secretary of UMDS

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